What Is The Silva Method Meditation?

What Is The Silva Method Meditation?

What Is The Silva Method Meditation?

José Silva developed the Silva Method as a self-help and meditation program. In addition to enhancing an individual’s abilities through relaxation, it also promotes brain development and psychic abilities. A new religious movement, it is classified as a self-styled religion.

How Much Is The Silva Method?

The Silva Ultramind System costs $399, but with the All-Access Pass you can get it and access nearly all of Mindvalley’s other quests for just $599 (see my review of the All-Access Pass here).

How Does Silva Ultramind Work?

Silva Ultramind is a structured business. Four weeks of classes are offered. This class is divided into 28 days and consists of 12 hours of instruction each week. The meditation techniques are used to deepen your understanding of the four levels of consciousness.

What Is Silva Life System?

With Silva Life System, you have access to the tools to unleash your inner power. It is important for you to learn and develop the ability to function consciously in a relaxed, focused state of mind and body. Alpha & Theta Level is the level at which we practice Dynamic Meditation.

How Does The Silva Method Work?

Silva claims that once the mind is projected, a person can be guided by higher intelligence and see distant objects or locations. After the projected mind has received information, it is said that it will perceive it as thoughts, images, feelings, smells, tastes, and sounds.

Is The Silva Ultramind System Worth It?

It may take time and you may need to apply yourself to achieve your goals, just as with all personal development. However, I would say that The Silva Ultramind System was a positive experience overall and well worth the cost.

Who Is Laura Silva Quesada?

Her father, Jose Silva, was the founder of the original Silva Mind Control Method and she is the President of Silva International. There are 110 countries and 31 languages that use Silva Method. Silva International Headquarters in Laredo, where her father founded the company, will remain under Laura’s leadership.

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