Ways To Keep Up With Mental Health

Ways To Keep Up With Mental Health

There was a time when unhealthy mind conditions were considered just a mere disturbance that weakens a person. It was neglected considering it as an unimportant thing to worry about. A healthy mind is a state of doing well with working, developing, and growing in life by identifying and knowing their capabilities and mastering them with a positive and healthy approach. People with a healthy mind can tackle hard situations with ease, easily get rid of normal life stress, and have an optimistic vision. These all are the best signs representing the good mental health of a person.

Today, it is a vast topic, and there are researches and various facts related to the same. There are various disorders related to mind and think at the centre of our brains like mood disorders, phobias, anxiety disorders, etc. These arise due to social and economic pressures or factors like gender, age, ethnicity, lifestyle, occupation, etc. These factors create disturbances in mind and make people mentally unhealthy.

Keeping our mind healthy

  • Getting plenty of sleep can cheer up your mind’s health. A night of sound sleep helps the mind to calm down and cope up with stress and anxiety.
  • Taking a balanced diet and proper nutrients help in keeping mind and body fit and healthy. Meditation, yoga, and exercising can greatly help in keeping mental stability.
  • Consuming alcohol, smoking, and taking drugs can have adverse effects on an individual’s mental strength and can make a person hyperactive, anxious, and can cause severe memory problems. One should avoid such substances to keep up with the healthy state of mind.
  • One should get involved in fun activities like hobbies and games to keep the mind fresh and energetic.

Learn Ways To Boost Up Your Mental Health

Being healthy is not only being fit physically, but it also refers to our mental health. Abnormality of our psychological state is called a mental health issue. Like physical problems, it is not visible to us, but certain symptoms show up mentally unhealthy people. It is as well as important to take care of your mental health.

People’s Perceptions Regarding Mental Health-

Our society is a hypocrite society, and it is not dormant from all of us. If we ignore the theoretical part of our so-called society that we learnt in our school days, the reality is right in front of our eyes. Aren’t we all forgetting that just one month ago everybody was like “depression is no joke” and “mental health is a serious issue” but now what? Just because a popular celebrity succumbed due to depression, we all paid attention to, but when so many people were dying due to these mental disorders where you people were? And please let me clarify that I am not blaming any section or a particular community this question is to all of us because it’s ultimately us who makes up this society. I know the people in our society are so prompt in camouflaging themselves, but there is nothing that we could do about this.

Mental health is considered a taboo in our society and reaching out to some is considered weakness [which it is not]. Some people consider mental as weakness or somehow our fault [which it is not]. At the same time, some people consider it something out of which you should come out. Especially men who bottle up their feelings, not share it with anyone. People in our society think that depression and anxiety are things we made on our own there is nothing like that. This is the real dilemma of mental health that at one point in time, you have to deal with two battles, one from your mind and another from this society. But it needs to be changed.

You all must have heard things like, it’s all in your head, and this too will pass, or it’s just a phase of life, and it’s all because society, in general, has stereotyped perceptions about mental illness. Mental illness is so common in the entire world, but the social stigma attached to it is still huge. People with mental disorder face a lot of discrimination, making their recovery worse and adding to their difficulties. These social stigmas and discriminations only impede the recovery of people with mental illness and worsen their condition.


Our mentality depends on our perspective of thinking. Loneliness, family problems, work pressure, fighting, and any accident can lead someone to a poor mental condition or trauma. Suffering from these problems can change a person’s behaviour; they don’t normally respond, either stop reacting or react extremely. Excessive mood swings, crying, anger are the symptoms we can often see in a person. Ignoring these signs will not be okay. It may create unusual situations like – suicidal tendencies, biting or hurting with sharp things, breaking or throwing things to others, and much more dangerous reflex.


Dealing with these issues is not easy. It can break the normal healthy daily life, and lead to a miserable one. Not only the patient but also their close people will suffer from these situations.


If you are a victim and suffering from these symptoms, you still have some time to recover yourself, cause you know your pain. And if you have someone who is going through these, help them to heal. When it is in your hand, you can motivate yourself by getting involved in recreation and artworks. If you can’t deal with your problems alone, you can consider therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Do not ignore mental problems; treat it as other serious health issues. Take care of a victim delicately and with patience.

Every single person is dealing with their heartbreak, workload, and other problematic situations. In this fast world, we need to heal for ourselves. Our mental health should be our priority to live our happy one-life.

Thus, mental health is one of the most important aspects of a human’s life, and neglecting it may affect an individual’s entire life cycle. Keeping the mind healthy promotes happiness and satisfactory living.


We have the ability to heal ourselves through nutrition when certain dietary obstacles are removed.

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