BioTime’s HyStem® hydrogel technology is a key foundation for the practice of regenerative medicine. It acts as a volumizer in cosmetic procedures that provides a matrix for the administration of therapeutic cells or biologics to a patient. It is the underlying technology for BioTime’s Renevia™ product currently undergoing a pivotal clinical trial for the treatment of HIV-related lipoatrophy. HyStem® matrix products mimic the natural environment that cells experience in the body, called the “extracellular matrix.” HyStem® hydrogels are composed of a patented technology wherein naturally-occurring components of the extracellular matrix such as hyaluronan and collagen are safely cross-linked in the presence of cells in the body to create three-dimensional tissue.

In order for transplanted cells to survive in the body, they need to be gently implanted, as well as provide a suitable environment allowing them to attach, survive, grow and function. Because different cell types prefer different types of environments, the delivery matrix can be modified. The HyStem® hydrogels permit gentle implantation by supporting cells when they are injected through a needle. HyStem® hydrogels are highly customizable, allowing for a variation of gel stiffness, viscosity and gelation time. They are also biocompatible. BioTime has designed these hydrogels to dissolve when needed to gently release cells from the matrix.

In addition to cells, proteins and/or other biological factors it can also be used as a time-release depot for drugs or biological molecules.

The technology underlying BioTime’s HyStem® hydrogels was developed at the University of Utah and is based on a unique chemical cross-linking strategy. Building upon this platform, BioTime has developed the HyStem family of unique, biocompatible biodegradable hydrogels. Since the first published report in 2002, there have been over 200 scientific publications supporting the biocompatibility of these cross-linked hyaluronan based hydrogels and their applications in cell culture, tissue engineering, and animal models of cell-based therapies supporting its potential for clinical use. To learn more about the HyStem® hydrogel technology, click here.


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