What is Renevia®?

Renevia® is a medical device that was developed as a replacement for whole adipose tissue in cell assisted lipotransfer (CAL) procedures by recreating many aspects of the adipose tissue extracellular matrix. Renevia’s hydrogel polymer network provides the requisite amino acid sequences for adipose stromal vascular cell attachment and supports proliferation, localization, and adipogenic differentiation. Once implanted, Renevia® provides a 3-dimensional matrix with pliability comparable to that of native adipose tissue, restoring texture in the short term while promoting soft tissue regeneration in the long term.

An important attribute of the Renevia® hydrogel is its high water content > 98%. As a result, the hydrogel is highly permeable to oxygen, nutrients and other water-soluble metabolites. Renevia® mimics the extracellular matrix (ECM) and the individual components of the hydrogel can be cross-linked in situ, thereby allowing the seeding of cells prior to injection in vivo without compromising either the cells or the recipient tissues.

During the early development of Renevia®, alternatives to the Renevia hydrogel as a cell delivery vehicle were considered. With the long history of safe and effective use of injectable HA based dermal fillers, these materials were obvious candidates. Upon careful consideration however, existing dermal fillers as currently formulated do not possess the necessary properties to function effectively as cell delivery matrices. As these materials are already gelled or cross-linked, there is no practical way to obtain a uniform cell suspension. Even if achievable, the shear forces created when expressing such a viscous gel-cell mixture through a cannula would adversely affect in vivo cell viability. The ability to mix cells with Renevia® during the pre-gel phase, deliver the cell/hydrogel mixture through a cannula, and have the subsequent gelation occur in situ without compromising the cells or the recipient tissue is a key element of the design criteria. In addition, currently available dermal fillers do not contain the requisite physical and chemical structure for cell attachment and proliferation. For these reasons, the currently marketed dermal fillers cannot be considered viable alternatives to Renevia® as a cell delivery matrix.

Renevia® is part of the HyStem® hydrogel family of proprietary injectable matrices, which are designed to facilitate the survival and growth of transplanted cells. To learn more about the HyStem hydrogel technology and composition of Renevia®, click here.