PureStem Progenitors

Human Embryonic Progenitor (hEP) cells are early downstream derivatives of pluripotent human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). BioTime uses unique and patent-protected PureStem® technology to derive pure cultures of human Embryonic Progenitor (hEP) cells directly from hESCs. The use of human embryonic progenitor cells improves the scalability of highly reproducible, pure, and identified cell types from pluripotent stem cells. BioTime has several hEP in pre-clinical research, including brown adipocyte progenitors for metabolic disorders, vascular progenitors for vascular regeneration led by BioTime company ReCyte, and osteochondral progenitors for symptoms of low back pain being developed by BioTime company OrthoCyte Corporation.



BioTime’s PureStem collection of hEP, provided under the PureStem brand name, includes over 140 distinct types of hEP cells that have been clonally isolated from human embryonic stem cell lines. These hEP lines can be readily grown in a lab, on plastic using standard tissue conditions. BioTime has documented commercial-scale expansion of these hEP.

The clonal purity of these hEP cells is a key advantage over pluripotent stem cells when deriving target cell types for use in research or therapy. Cell cultures from pluripotent stem cells, such as hESC, often result in impure “mixed” cultures containing residual hESC. BioTime’s hEP cells do not form tumors when injected into nude/SCID (immune-deficient) mice, attesting to the lack of contaminating hESCs in these strains.

Following expansion, BioTime hEP can be induced to “differentiate” or change to different types of cell types, many types not obtainable using adult stem cells. For example, hEP can produce unique non-hypertrophic chondrocytes cartilage producing cells with great promise in treating cartilage damage and degeneration and cells that that have highly elevated ability to produce brown fat tissue that may have value in metabolic disorders.

BioTime sells a number of progenitor cell lines through its company ESI BIO via its user-friendly e-commerce site, ESIBIO.com.

Intellectual Property

BioTime’s products and technologies, including its embryonic progenitor cell lines, are protected by a strong portfolio of intellectual property developed internally and licensed from other entities.

The company holds a number of U.S. and other patents specifically related to progenitor cells.

More information is at www.ESIBIO.com