How To Meditate With Rainbow Obsidian?

How To Meditate With Rainbow Obsidian?

How To Meditate With Rainbow Obsidian?

You will feel less depressed or sad if you wear it as a necklace whenever you feel the blues. Whenever you need a pick-me-up, you can get a boost from this drink. Placing Rainbow Obsidian at home or at work will also keep you motivated, productive, and energetic.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Rainbow Obsidian?

The Rainbow Obsidian brings hope, illumination, and energy to the most blocked and stagnant areas of the emotional body, and grounds spiritual Light in the aura and physical body as well. In addition to helping to alleviate depression, mood swings, despair, and paralyzing fears, it also helps to calm anxiety.

How Do You Cleanse Rainbow Obsidian?

  • Put your stone in a saltwater solution for up to 24 hours…
  • Set the intention of cleansing with your mind by burning incense over your stones.
  • You can leave your obsidian in the garden for up to 48 hours after burying it.
  • What Works Well With Rainbow Obsidian?

    A Rainbow Obsidian can be paired with Sphalerite, Hematite, Zircon Crystals, Magnetite, Melanite Garnet, Magnetite, or Black Andradite Garnet.

    Did Nostradamus Use Rainbow Obsidian?

    Black obsidian with rainbow colors is known as Rainbow Obsidian. It is polished and exposed to strong light to reveal rainbow bands. According to legend, it was used by Nostradamus to predict future events, and by John Dee to draw attention to his surroundings, and it has been used to sharpen the senses and connect to the supernatural.

    What Is The Rainbow Crystal Used For?

    It can be used in physical healing, especially in the treatment of hormonal dysfunctions, when combined with Dioptase. In addition to treating eye, ear, and throat disorders, it can also be used to treat other conditions. In addition to protecting you from falling ill, rainbow crystals are also great at preventing illness in the first place.

    What Obsidian Can Be Used For?

    A number of weapons and tools were made from obsidian, including knives, arrowheads, spear points, scrapers, and many others. As a result of these discoveries, obsidian quickly became the raw material of choice for producing sharp objects of almost any shape.

    What Is Rainbow Obsidian Good For?

    The Rainbow Obsidian is said to bring love, joy, and light into your life. According to legend, Rainbow Obsidian can help you to dissolve unloving thoughts that arise from your lack of self-esteem. In addition to being a protective stone, it is said to protect you from emotional and psychic harm.

    Is Rainbow Obsidian The Same As Obsidian?

    Black obsidian is technically just a morphed version of rainbow obsidian. Although they have many similarities, the stones differ in many ways. A black obsidian stone is strongly protective, while a rainbow obsidian stone is not.

    What Hand Do You Wear A Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet On?

    In addition to wearing the black obsidian bracelet on your left hand, you should wear other crystals as well. Your energetic space is protected and cleansed by this powerful tool. It is also believed that wearing it on the left hand will bring good fortune and luck.

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