How To Do Transmission Meditation?

How To Do Transmission Meditation?

How To Do Transmission Meditation?

Our ‘Elder Brothers’ are the Masters of Wisdom who lead Transmission Meditation, a group service activity that ‘drops’ the great spiritual energies that continually flow into our planet.

What Is Transmission Heartfulness Meditation?

Pranahuti, or yogic transmission, is the most fascinating aspect of Heartfulness. A human being is transformed by the use of divine energy. The term “physical transformation” is not used here, since our bodies are limited by our genetic makeup, so we are not talking about physical transformation.

What Is Transmission Daaji?

Heartfulness centers and ashrams are located in over 150 countries, and Daaji guides thousands of certified Heartfulness trainers who are permitted to impart Transmission.

What Is Transmission In Spirituality?

It is the act of passing enlightenment from one teacher to another in many spiritual traditions that is referred to as “spiritual transmission.”. It is the transmission itself that symbolizes enlightenment.

How Is Heartfulness Meditation?

The practice of heartfulness is a simple and subtle way to connect with the light and love in our hearts and to cultivate a sense of connection. HeartSpots is a network of thousands of HeartSpots and a smartphone app that allows us to practice simple, joyful living every day.

What Is Pranahuti Aided Meditation?

The power of the Pranahuti (Yogic Transmission) is used to lift the soul. The most effective way to transform consciousness is to do this with a qualified and competent trainer. More information can be found here.

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