How To Do Sant Mat Meditation?

How To Do Sant Mat Meditation?

How To Do Sant Mat Meditation?

In practice, Sant Mat practice involves listening to the Inner Sound, contemplating Inner Light, and eventually leaving the body at will – a practice that is sometimes referred to as “dying while living.”. In order to awaken the soul and unite it with God, the main goal is to do so.

What Is The Path Of Sant Mat?

The etymology of the word. “Sant Mat” literally means “Teachings of the Saints” – the “Path of Sants (Saints)”, “Path of Truth”, “Right or Positive Path”. Sants are pivotal to the Sants’ perspective as “point of view”. This Sanskrit term is derived from the Sanskrit sat (**) and has overlapping usages (true, real, honest, right).

Who Originated Sant Movement In Maharashtra And Where Was Its Centre?

Sant Dnyaneshwar was the first to establish the Sant tradition in Maharashtra. This tradition was carried on by Sant Namdeo. Sants of different strata of society lived in these churches. Santism was a tradition of inclusion for all people.

What Is Surat In Spirituality?

The term Surat is “attention” or “face”, which is an outward expression of the soul; the term Shabd or Shabda has multiple meanings, including “sacred song”, “word”, “voice”, “hymn”, “verse”, or “sound

Who Originated The Sant Movement In Maharashtra?

Dnyandeo Vitthalpant Kulkarni


Sant Dyaneshwar



Dnyaneshwar Janmashtami, 1275 CE Apegaon, Yadava dynasty (present-day Paithan Taluka, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India)



What Is Sant Movement?

The 13th century CE was a time of spiritual growth for Sant Mat on the Indian subcontinent. In other words, it means “teachings of sants”. A mystic Hindu saint is one who is a mystic. A movement was formed by following sants’ teachings and associations with them.

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