How Is The Narrative Of Frederick Douglass A Meditation?

How Is The Narrative Of Frederick Douglass A Meditation?

How Is The Narrative Of Frederick Douglass A Meditation?

The purpose of Frederick Douglass’ autobiography was to persuade readers to abolish slavery. The author describes the physical realities of slavery and his responses to his life as a slave in order to achieve his goal.

What Type Of Narrative Is Frederick Douglass?


Frederick Douglass


Civil rights




Anti-Slavery Office

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What Were Three Major Themes Of Douglass’s Narrative?

  • Slavery is perpetuated by keeping slaves ignorant. Douglass’ Narrative demonstrates how white slaveholders perpetuate slavery by keeping their slaves ignorant.
  • Freedom is based on knowledge…
  • Slavery Damaging: How it Affects Slaveholders…
  • The practice of slavery as a form of perversion of Christianity.
  • What Rhetorical Devices Does Frederick Douglass Use In His Narrative?

    Her influence on Frederick’s life is expressed through rhetorical devices such as hyperbole, antithesis, and parallel structures. hyperbole by stating that, “She had a smile that was heavenly, and she had a voice that was tranquil…”.

    What Point Of View Does Frederick Douglass Use?

    The title page of Douglass’s narrative tells us that it is written by himself. Almost all of the narrative is devoted to him talking about himself in this book, since he is the book’s main character.

    What Is Douglass’s Purpose For Writing His Narrative Quizlet?

    The most likely purpose of Douglass’s autobiography is to tell his story. The purpose of this article is to inform readers about the life of a slave. A young boy named Douglass was given bread by Douglass and he learned to read from it.

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