How Does Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation Work?

How Does Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation Work?

How Does Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation Work?

In Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan taught the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation, also known as Kirtan Kriya. In this meditation, you will be able to achieve total mental balance. Negative, unnecessary emotions are cleared from the unconscious mind through it.

What Does Sa Ta Na Ma Do For You?

The science behind Sa Ta Na Ma meditation is growing, and it is now being scientifically recognized as a powerful tool for preventing or stopping Alzheimer’s disease, increasing cognitive function (perception, thinking, reasoning, and remembering) and reducing stress levels while improving short-term memory.

How Does Sa Ta Na Ma Work?

It is easy to understand the sa ta na ma sounds, but the vibrations are very powerful. The sounds can be repeated repeatedly or chanted quickly or sung slowly to hold them together. The pituitary gland and the pineal gland are stimulated by these touch-ons or pressure applied to certain points in the mouth.

Why To Chant Sa Ta Na Ma?

SA TA NA MA is a powerful and simple mantra containing Seed Sounds. This mantra indicates action (human voice), whispering it symbolizes love (love voice), and silent repetition represents the spiritual (divine voice). Mantra of Transformation is also known as this.

What Does Saa Taa Naa Maa Mean?

The mantra Saa Taa Naa Maa is used in this meditation. Infinity, life, death, rebirth are all meanings of the word. This is the cycle of life, and the sounds are from SAT NAM – Truth is my Identity. It is great for practicing if you are trying to overcome any addiction or build intuition.

What Are The Benefits Of Kirtan Kriya Meditation?

  • Memory is improved.
  • Reduced stress means less stress.
  • Blood flow to the brain is enhanced.
  • A larger brain size is beneficial for a healthy brain.
  • Improved brain chemistry.
  • We are more likely to live longer if we increase telomerase (part of our genes that keep us young).
  • Bad genes are decreasing.
  • Genes that are good are improved.
  • What Is Kirtan Kriya Good For?

    In addition to improving cognitive function, focus, and memory, finger tapping and chanting are believed to increase blood flow to the brain. According to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in 2016, Kirtan Kriya increases brain connectivity, improves memory, and boosts mood in people with Alzheimer’s disease.

    Can You Do Sa Ta Na Ma Lying Down?

    Infinite, TA, birth, NA, death, MA, and rebirth are the meanings of SA. The chin should be on the floor facing down while lying down. With the palms facing up, place the arms by the side. The eyes are focused on the brow point while chanting the mantra SA TA NA MA in a mental state.

    What Does The Mantra Sa Ta Na Ma Mean?

    In other words, when you say, ‘Sa Ta Na Ma’, which means’my true essence’ or’my true identity’, you affirm that you are who you are.

    What Does Kirtan Kriya Mean?

    In Kundalini yoga, Kirtan Kriya is a method of meditation that is intended to stimulate the brain’s senses. A combination of chanting and finger movements is used in this method.

    What Does Sat Nam Mean In Yoga?

    In tandem, Sat Nam translates into something deeper: “I am truth,” or “I am my essence.”. ” Sat Nam is known as a bija (seed) mantra, which is a one-syllable sound that activates the chakras.

    How Do I End Kirtan Kriya?

    Two minutes of silence are needed to chant. Two minutes of silence should be observed after you chant. As you exhale, breathe deeply, stretch your hands above your head, and bring them down slowly in a sweeping motion. It should take 12 minutes to complete the exercise.

    What Should I Visualize During Kirtan Kriya?

    visualize energy coming down from above into the middle of the head, going straight down into your brain, and then changing to a lateral direction so that it comes out of your head at a point in the middle of your forehead in the center.

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