Allogeneic dendritic cell immunotherapy

A form of therapy where a patient receives immune cells to fight cancer. Allogenic refers to the fact that the cells are not derived from the patient but rather from a different source, in some cases from embryonic stem cells. A dendritic cell is a specific type of immune cell that teaches the immune system to fight a specific disease, including cancer. Asterias’ allogeneic dendritic cell immunotherapy is deriving dendritic cells from embryonic stem cells in the laboratory. The dendritic cells are then engineered to display a specific “message” on their surface commonly called an “antigen” that is associated with cancer, (Asterias uses an antigen composed of a telomerase molecule). The dendritic cells teach the patient’s immune system to recognize the telomerase on the cancer cells and instruct the patient’s immune system to fight their cancer. This process results in helping the patient’s own immune system fight their cancer.