Effects Of Chromium On Health: Its Benefits And Related Diseases

Effects Of Chromium On Health: Its Benefits And Related Diseases

Chromium is a lustrous, brittle and hard metal which is hazardous to our health. Chromium is found in many forms such as chromium III, chromium IV and chromium VI. These, chromium III is one of the essential nutrients for our body, and if the amount of chromium III lacks in our body, it may lead to many diseases. And, chromium VI is a dangerous nutrient to health, especially for the people working with the textile and steel industries and even to people who are more into smoking habits of tobacco.

Effects of chromium that you need to stay away from

There are many effects of chromium VI on our health such as skin rashes, upset stomach and ulcers and much more. There are many respiratory problems which are caused because of the intake of excess chromium VI. Even taking more chromium may make your immune system weak, and you would be at risk of many diseases. Reduces all the itching that causes you. It means that you can get temporary relief from all the itching and the swelling that you have around and it can be good enough for you.

At times, chromium VI also damages our kidneys and liver, and if the intake is not kept in control, it may even lead to kidney and liver failure. Chromium VI may even alter the genetic materials in your body. There are chances of getting lung cancer due to the intake of chromium VI. At times, the excess intake may lead to death if not taken care of on time. If you breathe in chromium VI from anywhere, it may lead to nose irritations and bleeding of the nose. Worse cases may even include dermatitis, ulceration and allergic skin reactions. It may even lead to irritation of the pharynx and larynx, asthmatic bronchitis and much more. Thus, it is advisable to keep ourselves away and be safe from chromium VI.

The positivity of Chromium III

But, chromium III is a must for keeping our body healthy and fit. It is necessary to keep your heart fit and healthy and maintain the metabolism healthy and keep issues like diabetes away from our body. But, if you will intake excess of chromium III, it may also lead to skin rashes, allergy etc.

Certain chromium diseases

Few of the diseases which are related to intake of chromium:

  1. It may cause lung cancer to your breath in the airborne hexavalent chromium.
  2. It may even cause damage to the eyes and the skin if chromium is taken in higher concentrations.
  3. Prolonged exposure may even cause sores in the nose, and if it’s still not taken care of, then the nasal septum gets a hole in it.
  4. It may even lead to shortness of breath and wheezing to asthmatic people.

Start living a healthy life

Thus, to keep ourselves healthy and safe, you must keep yourself away from the intake of chromium VI. Therefore, you must keep yourselves away from pigments and dyes. Be careful while working with chrome electroplating. While applying and removing chromate, you should keep a close watch on your activities. At the same time, welding and hot working remain safe and secure. Stay safe. Stay healthy and fit.

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We have the ability to heal ourselves through nutrition when certain dietary obstacles are removed.

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