8 Ways to Combat Stress During Exam Season

8 Ways to Combat Stress During Exam Season

There is no time more stressful than exam season. The intense study sessions. The anxiety of what grade you will get once it is all done and dusted. Even the best students sometimes crack under the pressure of it all. So today we are going to give you 8 effective ways to combat stress during the exam season so you can stay calm and focused.


Meditation is one of the most powerful tools for relaxing and reducing stress. It is a tried and tested tool that humanity has made use of for thousands of years. But it can be quite difficult to do properly if you have never done it before.

Our advice is to use a guided meditation app or video to help you. The body scan is a particularly great introduction. The main thing to remember is to focus on your breathing. If you can master that you will soon find your center. Meditation will relax your body and relieve tension in your mind.


Exercise has been proven to improve your mood and reduce stress. Not only that but it has also been proven to improve the effectiveness of your studying as well. We recommend you take up running. It is easy to get into and totally free as well, besides the cost of running shoes.

A half-hour runs every two days will greatly reduce your stress levels and improve your overall mood. It has also been linked to improving sleep as well. This leads us to the next point.

Sleeping Well

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your overall health. And it is very common for students to lose sleep due to exam anxiety and stress. Late-night library sessions, last-minute studying binges. Many factors of exam season can lead to you not getting enough sleep. And this can create a sleep deficit.

Our brains need sleep to function properly. Losing sleep leads to higher levels of stress and can create a myriad of other health issues. Nausea, lack of focus, body aches, and pains. So during exam season, it is vital that you get at minimum 8 hours of sleep a night.

CBD Oils and Products

It can be tempting to turn to alternate methods of reducing stress during exam season. Alcohol and weed are two popular methods. But we heavily advise against both of these. Instead, we recommend making use of CBD. It is a THC alternative that provides all the relaxing components of THC, without any of the high.

Buying one 1000mg CBD oil product will be more than enough to see you through the exam season. It is recommended you stick to having between 22-33mg of CBD a day. It can be consumed in a variety of ways. You can add the oil to your food or drinks. Or you can get it in gummy form.

Take Regular Breaks

It can be tempting to spend all your time studying during exam season. You will want to get as much studying done as possible to get a good grade, But this can only lead to more stress. It is vital that you take regular breaks during your study sessions.

It is said that the human brain cannot concentrate on something for longer than 40 minutes at a time. So it is recommended that you cut your studying up into 40-minute blocks. And between them, you should take a minimum of ten minutes to relax and unwind. Overall you should also make sure you are taking some nights off as well. This leads to the next point.

Make Sure to Socialize

A great way to reduce stress is to make sure you are still being social during exam season. Human interaction has been proven to release endorphins and reduce stress. It can be tempting to neglect your friends while you study, but why not have the best of both worlds. Group study sessions are a great way to make sure you are keeping to your study schedule while also getting the positive benefits of socialization.

But it is important to socialize away from studying too. It could be as simple as going for a walk with a friend or having a ten-minute video chat just to catch up.

Eating Properly

One of the most common issues students face while dealing with exam stress is under-eating or overeating. Both are extremely harmful to your health and will impact, not only your ability to study but your general well-being.

During exam season it is important that you maintain a steady and consistent diet. Plenty of fruits and veg, protein and fiber. And plenty of vitamin-rich foods. We recommend you keep some healthy snacks near you to eat while studying. Nuts, berries, and seeds are great choices.

Talk Through It

As with any kind of stress one of the best ways of dealing with it is having someone you can talk through it with. A parent, guardian, therapist. Just someone who will actively listen to you.

Bottling up your stress and feelings can lead to further complications down the line. You’ll be surprised at how effective it is to just simply voice how you are feeling. It is important to remember that no feeling is insignificant or stupid. Letting your emotions out will greatly reduce your stress levels and make the whole exam season much more palatable.


We have the ability to heal ourselves through nutrition when certain dietary obstacles are removed.

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