OncoCyte Corporation

OncoCyte’s mission is to develop novel products for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer based on embryonic stem cell-derived technology in order to improve both the quality and length of life of cancer patients.

OncoCyte’s molecular diagnostics division is developing products that should provide for earlier detection and more effective treatment of numerous cancers.  In addition to the diagnostic product line, OncoCyte is also developing cellular therapeutics for cancer therapy that will take advantage of the unique biology of vascular endothelial precursor cells. Vascular biology encompasses many potential therapeutic applications, including those for cancer, peripheral vascular disease, and cardiac disease.  The goal of our therapeutic research efforts is to derive vascular endothelial cells that can be engineered to deliver a toxic payload to the developing blood vessels of a tumor to specifically remove malignant tumors while not affecting nearby normal tissues in the body. In 2010, OncoCyte purchased the assets of Cell Targeting, Inc. including technology that uses peptides selected for their ability to adhere to diseased tissues. OncoCyte intends to develop a new class of cellular therapeutics that would specifically target the development of tumor vasculature in advanced cancers as an entry point for the delivery of regulated tumoricidal activities.

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