BioTime is committed to leading the next revolution in regenerative medicine. Over the past several years, we have made significant progress in building a dominant company in this exciting field. Our strategy is to be the leader in the development of pluripotent stem cell-based technologies and to apply those new technologies in the treatment of degenerative diseases that afflict large numbers of people worldwide.


Pluripotent cell graphic



Leading the Regenerative Medicine Revolution

The enormous power of pluripotent stem cells is ushering in a revolution in medicine, called regenerative medicine, and BioTime is a leading company in the space with significant assets:

  • Led by Michael D. West, Ph.D., an early pioneer in the field and one of its foremost authorities. Dr. West founded Geron, possibly the first-ever regenerative medicine company, where he managed the research with James Thomson and John Gearhart leading to the first isolation of human embryonic stem cells.
  • A robust pipeline of cellular therapies in development.
  • An extensive multi-market IP portfolio

Advancing Multiple
Clinical Trials

BioTime and its family of companies are treating patients in clinical trials using a number of proprietary cellular therapies, including:

  • A treatment for dry age-related macular degenerationthe leading cause of blindness in the elderly
  • A rehabilitative treatment for spinal cord injury – the first-ever pluripotent stem cell-based human clinical trial
  • A treatment for HIV-related lipoatrophyafflicts almost half of the approximately three million HIV patients on anti-retroviral therapy in the U.S. and Europe

Targeting Root Causes and Potential Cures

Medicine traditionally has been focused on treating symptoms. At BioTime, we see the power of pluripotent stem cells as ushering in a new revolution in medicine, regenerative medicine, which will address the root causes of degenerative diseases and other conditions and may lead to actual cures.

We have identified a number of diseases and conditions with significant impact globally and for which there are no effective treatments currently available. We are focused on developing novel treatments and cures for these conditions by advancing these in clinical development.