About Us

BioTime, a biotechnology company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, is focused on biomedical research and product development in regenerative medicine.

Clinical Pipeline

Our research and development is focused on developing new therapeutics for age-related degenerative disease. Through our subsidiary companies Cell Cure Neurosciences, OncoCyte, and OrthoCyte, we are developing OpRegen® (a cell-based therapy for age-related macular degeneration), therapies for cancer, and arthritis, respectively. Our subsidiary ReCyte Therapeutics is using proprietary technology to reverse the developmental aging of human cells to manufacture young vascular progenitors for the treatment of age-related vascular disease.

Relatively near-term product development by BioTime and its subsidiaries include Renevia™, a patented hyaluronan-based hydrogel device for cell delivery, and PanC-Dx™, a blood-based pan-cancer screening diagnostic.

BioTime also markets an FDA-approved blood plasma expander called Hextend®, which is currently marketed in the United States in collaboration with Hospira and in South Korea under an agreement with CJ Corporation.

Research Products

Using proprietary technology, we have also developed research- and clinical-grade human embryonic stem (hES) cell lines that we market to researchers, scientists, universities, and companies. Our subsidiary ES Cell International has developed six hES cell lines that are among the best-characterized and documented lines available today. These lines were developed using current Good Manufacturing Processes enabling easy transition into the clinic, and they are extensively characterized with documented and publicly available genomic sequences. These cell lines have also been approved by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and are included in the NIH Stem Cell Registry.

We also market clonal hES-derived embryonic progenitor (hEP) cells for research purposes developed using ACTCellerate™ technology. We have derived 200 diverse hEP cell types with a wide array of applications research, drug discovery, and human regenerative stem cell therapies. Finally, BioTime’s HyStem hydrogels represent a core enabling technology for regenerative medicine and cellular delivery, and are also used by researchers worldwide in tissue engineering, 2D and 3D cell culture, and a range of cutting-edge disease models.

For more information about our research-grade products, please visit esibio.com.

Corporate Info

BioTime was incorporated in the state of California in 1990 and is a publicly traded company listed on the NYSE MKT stock exchange under the symbol BTX. Our headquarters are located in Alameda, California. We also have subsidiary offices located in Singapore, China, and Israel. For more information, please see our investor page.